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Old Post Office

  • Artist Rendering of Old Post Office (Sept. 22, 2014)
    Artist Rendering of Old Post Office (Sept. 22, 2014)

The Old Post Office will be a space for creative minds to gather – to tinker, code, bend, sketch, fabricate and build. A place where the past and future meet because it’s not just about who you are and what you do, but who you will become and what you will discover.

A future in which libraries are messy innovation workshops is actually a return to the past. The ancient Library of Alexandria was home to inventors, engineers, and scientists. In fact the first known plans for a working steam engine were housed there! It was a dynamic place of learning, idea exchange and experimentation. We are thrilled to follow suit.

The Old Post Office is a joint project between the City of Cambridge and Idea Exchange.


Click on each floor in the graphic below, the floors will expand painting a picture of what's to come.

Maker Lab

maker lab

Libraries across the world are experiencing a rebirth where entrepreneurship meets inventing. Maker spaces have spawned a number of innovations from 3D printing generated iPad amplifiers to music apps to paintball recycling devices. To create such innovative and ground breaking ideas you’ll surely need some technical training – and we’re happy to oblige! The Idea Exchange Maker Lab will offer the necessary tools and a space supporting growth and development to ensure those discoveries take flight. Whether it’s textiles, robotics or DIY crafts, the Maker Lab will have something hands-on for people of all interests.

Children's Discovery Centre

children's discovery centre

From reading Alligator Pie on a tablet to building simple robots with a Raspberry Pi single board computer, the Children’s Discovery Centre will be a hub of interactive fun. With a focus on STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), children will discover what works and what doesn’t, make mistakes, and try again. This experiential learning approach is designed to challenge and engage, helping to develop new skills, new attitudes, and a new way of thinking. In a playful way, your children will build a love for exploring, discovering, learning, and creating!

Reading Room & Restaurant

reading room & restaurant

Are you passionate about paperbacks or enthralled with the digital age? All are welcome in this flexible community space. Enjoy the benefits of a combined reading room and restaurant where you can sip a cup of coffee, read the latest magazines and books in paper or electronic formats, use Wi-Fi, enjoy breathtaking views of the river, meet with friends or collaborate with colleagues. Restaurant partner Monigram Coffee Roasters will serve their uncompromising coffee and delightful fare making your stay in the reading room extra special and oh so hard to leave.

Teen Space

teen space

Are you a budding director, thespian, slam poet, or muse? Or is digital design, gaming, or code more your thing? From the black box theatre with portable staging and seating to the computer rooms with editing and recording software, this is a place where you can stretch your wings and expand your horizons. Hang out with friends and meet new, collaborate, and brain storm. Who knows - you may just record the next big hit, direct the latest indie sensation, or create the hottest cutting-edge game!

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