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Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere CC logoThis software is available free for use at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office, Creative Studios.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a software application for editing video recordings and turning them into polished productions. Create a YouTube vlog, short film, documentary or feature-length movie using industry-leading video editing tools.



How to Guide

Create a New Project

Create a new project file by clicking New Project in the Start screen. Choose a name, browse to choose a location for your project file and click OK.

Open an Existing Project

Click Open Project on the Start screen window. Select a video file and click Open.

Start menu

Import media

To import media files, use the Media Browser panel.  Browse to the files you’d like to import and select the clips you want to work with in Premiere Pro.

Right-click one of the selected clips and choose Import. Once the media is imported, you’re ready to edit.

Media Browser Panel

To organize your assets, you can create bins by the clicking the folder icon at the bottom right corner of the Media Browser panel. Name your bins, then click and drag your assets over to the relevant bin.

Using Source Viewer and end points to cut a clip shorter

Highlight the clip you want to work with in the Media Browser panel. It will also appear as a playable version in the Source Viewer panel on the top left side of the window.

Source Viewer

 In the Source Viewer panel, move the playhead marker to the place you want to start your clip. Push the icon that looks like a left-facing parenthesis. This is the new beginning of your edited version of the clip.

Left parenthesis icon

Now, move the playhead marker to the place where you want to end the clip. Push the icon that looks like a right-facing parenthesis.

Right Parenthesis Icon

This is the new end of your edited version of the clip.

Build a Sequence

Create a new sequence by dragging one or more clips into the empty Timeline panel. Add more clips by dragging them into the Timeline panel.

To remove a clip from the sequence, select it and press Backspace. If you select clips and press Shift+Delete, they will be removed without leaving a gap in the sequence.

Additional tracks added to Timeline sequence

Add Titles or Captions

  • Click the Graphics panel on the secondary menu. The Essential Graphics menu opens.
  • Choose what type of graphic you would like to import to your project and where in the timeline you would like to add it.
  • Click on the text box in the Program Preview panel to edit the text.

Adding a title to film

Add Basic Transitions

  • In the Sequence pane, right-click on the red transition area between any two shots you’ve placed in sequence.
  • Choose Apply Default Transition to apply a cross dissolve, which is considered a basic transition in Premiere.
  • Right-click on the transition you’ve just created to set how long the transition will take. Click on Effect Controls with the transition highlighted to make further changes to the cut.  

Creating a Transition Using Effect Controls

Add Basic Effects

Click on the shot you want to add an effect to in the Sequence pane. Click on the Effects panel on the secondary menu and the Effects menu will open. Choose what type of effect you would like to add to the shot. Drag your effect on top of your chosen shot in the Sequence pane.

Effects Pane showing shadow effects

Click on the Effect Controls tab on the Project Preview pane. Here you have the option of making changes to the strength of the effect you applied to your shot.

Effects Control tab showing Sharpen effect

Remove Effects

Right-click on the shot you want to remove the effect from. Click on Remove Attributes. Select the effects that you would like to remove from the shot.

Save and Export your Video

  • Choose File > Export>Media.
  • Choose your preferred file format (H.264 has high compatibility).
  • Choose your preferred resolution/device for viewing (Match Source – High Bit-rate is a good choice that fits many devices).
  • Choose your output name and location where you want to save your file by clicking the Output File link. Make selections regarding video quality, audio, captioning, etc.
  • Click Export to finalize your save. It will take a few minutes for your video to be encoded to disk.

Export Settings window

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