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Cricut Maker

This equipment is available for use at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office, Makerspace.Cricut Logo

The Cricut maker is an amazing machine that can help in pretty much any crafting projects you may imagine. From vinyl decals and stickers, to sewing patterns, to baby clothes to dog clothes! The Cricut Maker will do just about anything.



  • Cardstock: $.70/full sheet; $.35/half sheet; $.15/quarter sheet
  • Window Cling: $1.50/foot
  • Iron-On: $9.00/foot; $4.50/half foot
  • Sticker Paper: $.50/8.5"x 11" sheet
  • Printable Iron-On: $.50/8.5"x 11" sheet
  • Scrap: Free
How to Guide

The machine is loaded with both a cutting tool, and a drawing tool. It uses CNC technology (computer numerical control) to cut or draw patterns on material. Idea exchange has subscribed to “Cricut Access” which allows you access to 1000’s of beautiful pre-made projects. We have stocked many things that you may use to construct your project including glue, paper cutters, and tools to get you on your way. We also have many materials for your project, but feel free to bring your own. Materials you can purchase from us include cardstock, construction paper, vinyl window cling, and iron-on fabric. If you just want to make a card or just do something quick, make sure to look in our Scrap bin. Anything you find in there you can use for free! Now let’s get designing….

1. On the Desktop click the icon “Cricut Design space”

Location of Icon on Desktop

2. This is a cloud-based program, so wait for the page to load. Once loaded, click “New Project” on the top right corner

Cricut Design Space Homepage

3. You are now in the main design space where you will do your artistic creation. As a default, you will see an artboard with a grid displaying measurements. Here you are free to design your own art, or browse 1000’s of templates that we will discuss below.

Main Canvas

4. Clicking “templates” from the left hand menu will give you pre-loaded dimensions for common projects you may want to create. For instance you can load a template for making banners or clothing and the template will show in the background. You can then add images or other shapes on top of that template. The template itself will not show on your final project, but it is more of a guide.

Projects Tab

5. As mentioned above, we have subscribed to “Cricut Access unlimited” which gives you access to thousands of intricate designs completely ready to be made. If you click “Projects” from the left hand menu, you will open thousands of pre-made projects. These projects will walk you through step by step how to make them. If you click the drop down menu, you can filter your choice. For instance here I clicked “clothing”

Clothing Tab

6. Once you pick the project you want, open it to see further details including how difficult the project is, the estimated time to complete, and a full material list.

Instructions Page about Project Selected

7. If you would prefer to simply insert images to be drawn or cut, click “images” on the left hand side you will notice a small lower case “a” on some of them, and also monetary amounts on others. We have subscribed to “Cricut Access” so you have full use of any of these images. However, you will not be able to choose images that are pay only.

Images Tab

8. Further down is the Text option. Click text if you’d simply like to draw or cut out letters. You can get as intricate with text options as you’d like.

Text Tab

9. When you are looking at your artboard, on the right hand side you will see some icons. You may see a pen icon, a scissor icon, and eye icons. This is where you choose what you want to be drawn, or cut, or both. You can click these icons to choose how you want your images/text to show in your final project. In this case, the “congratulations” is set to be cut because scissor icons are showing.

Layer View

10. Once you have your image/text sized and ready to go and you have chosen if you want it cut or drawn, click the “make it” button in the top right corner.

Make It Button

11. This will give you a preview of what your design will look like and a preview of what Mat you should use. Click “Continue” in the bottom right corner.

Continue Button

12. Whatever material you are using (Cardstock, paper, fabric) it must go on a mat. The mat fits nicely into the machine and snug into the brackets. Cricut design space will prompt you as to what mat you should use. We have all the mats you will need and they are located in the cubby holes. The type of mat (standard, fabric, strong grip) are labeled on the mat themselves.

Set Material Page

13. You are almost done! Now click on the appropriate material you are using. Next, load your tools and Mat into the machine. The machine will now prompt you to press the appropriate buttons on the machine. Watch the machine work are you are done! Well almost…

14. Use the tools available to pick your design off the adhesive mats and begin constructing your project! We have glue, scissors, and other materials that will help  finish off your project.