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Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL and Studio One Recording Software

This equipment and software is available free for use at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office, Creative Studios.

The Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL is a professional-grade audiobox that you can use with mics and instruments to record tracks with the Studio One 3 recording software on the computer. Use the audiobox and the recording software together to record, mix and edit music, podcasts and other high-quality audio content for your creative projects.

How to Guide

Getting Started with the Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL

The first two preamp inputs on the audiobox can be used to attach a mic or instrument (Mics 1 -2) The remaining six preamp inputs (Mics 3-8) are for mic or line.

You activate these preamp inputs using the knobs at the far left side of the audiobox. The upper knob labelled 1-4 activates Mics 1-4. The lower knob labelled 5 – 8 activates Mics 5-8.

The knobs on the right side of the audiobox control volume and dynamics for each of the inputs, as well as for the audiobox as a whole. A headphone connection is also plugged in on this side of the audiobox.

In addition, a red light on this side of the device indicates that the audiobox is properly connected to the computer and its recording software via USB 3.0.

Once you have connected your instruments or mics to the matching inputs and activated the inputs, you will want to open the Studio One 3 recording software on the PC to start your recording project.

Beginning a Project in Studio One 3

Open Studio One 3 by clicking its icon on the Studio computer’s desktop.

Select Create a New Song on the Start page.

A window will open with the options for Empty Song or Create Audiobox Recording. To work with the Presonus Audiobox to record and mix your song, choose Create Audiobox Recording.

Enter a title for your recording into the Song Title field, select your preferred save location for the file and any other preferences regarding sample rate, timebase, tempo or time signature.

Select OK when you are ready to move forward.

Creating a New Audiobox Recording with Presonus

This will open a mixer and track recording area where you can begin to record tracks with the Presonus audiobox, then mix and edit them together.

Mixer and Track Recording Area in Studio One


Recording a Track with Studio One Recording Software

Ensure you have set up the Presonus Audiobox ahead of time by attaching the mics and instrument you will need to lay down the track. Check to ensure that all the appropriate mic inputs are enabled and set to the volume you prefer.

When you’re ready, click to highlight the track you want to record on. Click on the Record button with the circle on it,  located directly above the track on the Studio One 3 mixer. It will turn from grey to red. This arms the track to begin recording. When you are finished recording, click off the Record button so that it is no longer red and active.

Recording a track in Studio One

Adding a New Track

When you start a new Audiobox Recording, there will be multiple tracks available to you on the mixer but you may wish to add more as you go along.

From the top menu, select Track > Add Tracks.

A window will open to allow you to give the track a name (i.e. Guitar 1), to select a colour to identify it in the mixer and to specify other preferences such as format or presets.

Adding a new track to your recording in Studio One

When you are done making your selections, click OK to add the new track to the ones listed in the mixer panel.

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