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Sculptris logoThis software is available free for use at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office, Creative Studios.

Sculptris is a free software application that allows users to sculpt 3D designs out of digital "clay". These creations can be exported to other creative software for use in 3D digital animation or for 3D printing.



How to Guide

Basic Sculpting

Click on the Grab tool on the left-hand menu. 

Icon for Grab Tool

You can change the size and strength of the Grab tool using the control bars at the top of the screen.

Menu for Grab Tool

To push the clay ball into a specific shape, try making your tool a larger size (about 70% - 90% of the control bar).

Use the Grab tool to push and pull the ball of clay into the shape you want, by clicking, dragging and pushing on the ball of clay with your mouse cursor.


You will notice that Sculptris automatically creates Symmetry for you on both sides of the ball of clay. This is the default setting because most shapes in nature are symmetrical.

You have the option to turn off Symmetry by clicking off the Symmetry button.  

Icon for Symmetry Tool

However, most projects will be best-served by maintaining Symmetry as you sculpt.

Once you have the general shape you want, save your file using the Save button or CTRL-SHIFT-S.

Icon for Save tool

You can now work on smaller details of your design by moving your Grab tool to a smaller size setting or using additional tools such as the ones outlined below to refine your sculpture.

Refine Your Sculpture

Several other tools in Sculptris are useful for creating details or textures.

The Draw tool enables you to draw small, intricate details on the surface of your sculpture.

Icon for Draw Tool

The Pinch tool will pinch the clay so that it becomes narrower, sharper and sticks out in a point.

Icon for Pinch tool

The Crease tool will push the clay inwards so that it forms a crease or indent.  

Icon for Crease tool

Experiment with what effects each tool can produce. Save regularly when you like something you’ve done, as there is no Undo button in Sculptris. 

Add More Clay to Your Sculpture

Do you need to add a new ball of clay to add more volume to your creation? Click the Add a New Sphere button to add a new ball of clay to your design.

Icon for Add a New Sphere button

Export Your Sculpture as a 3D Object file (.Obj)

With your object open in Sculptris, click the Export button. A Save As… window will open.

Icon for Export Tool

Select the new file type you would like to use to export your sculpture (in this case, Wavefront .OBJ) and the location where you would like to save it. Click Save at the bottom of the window when done.

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