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Studio One: Record Audio

This software is available free for use at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office, Creative Studios. studio one icon

Presonus Studio One is a multitrack recording, editing and mixing program that will allow you to bring your song from an idea to reality.

This tutorial will show you the basics of how to use this program.

How to Guide

1. Ensure that the Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL is plugged into the computer and turned on.

2. Launch Studio One

3. Select “Create a New Song”

create a new song

4. Select the “New Audiobox Song” template, name your song and where you would like to save it.

Note: If desired, change the Sample Rate and Resolution as well as set the BPM and Time Signature of your recording

Click “OK”

new audio box song template

5. In Studio One, make sure that the tracks you are recording to are set to the corresponding channels that you have microphones plugged into.
Name each of the tracks by double clicking on the name (this is important because when you record, the name of the file you create is directly associated with the track name).
Record enable all of the tracks you are wanting to record and begin to raise the levels of those channels on the AudioBox.

track name, track input, and record enable

6. Raise the level of each channel you are recording with the corresponding input preamp until you reach your desired level.

input channel and input preamp

7. Press Record on the transport at the bottom of the window to begin recording.

8. Once you have finished recording press stop on the transport or simply press the spacebar.


record and stop

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