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Update: The Ducklings and Goslings Made it to the River!


Riverview Room

  • Geese on OPO Green Roof
  • Mama duck with her 12 ducklings
    Mama duck with her 12 ducklings
  • Mama goose with her 7 goslings
    Mama goose with her 7 goslings

Anne, Old Post Office | May 24, 2022

Updates: On May 7, Mama duck left her nest with 12 ducklings and all made it to the water safely. What an exciting event for Mother's day weekend! On May 16, Mama goose left her nest with 7 goslings and all made it to the water safely! We look forward to watching all of the new birds on the river this summer.

We are excited to report that the Canada Geese and Mallards have returned to the Old Post Office Green Roof for another nesting season! The birds have been noisily chasing away rivals for the past few weeks. There was a little more competition this year; a prime location. They are now settled on nests, eggs have been observed, and we would love everyone to share in the fun again.

Like last year, we are livestreaming the action on the Idea Exchange YouTube channel.

Over the next four weeks we'll watch the mother birds incubating eggs, maintain the nest, catch glimpses of the eggs, and possibly see a rival goose causing trouble. If all goes well, the ducklings and goslings will hatch around the second or third week of May. Within a day or so of hatching, they will follow the parents to the water. From the green roof it’s a three storey leap down to the river. Don’t worry, they all made it last year! Catch up on the 2021 Goose and Duck drama if you missed it.

On your next visit to the Old Post Office, you can view the nesting birds from our children’s Discovery Centre observatory windows. The Grand River attracts all kinds of species that can be seen from the Riverview Room. We’ve seen herons, hawks, eagles, terns, swans, and three species of swallow to name a few. Borrow a pair of binoculars, a field guide and let us know what birds you see.

We’re in for another busy spring, so we hope you watch the live stream with us and consider subscribing to our Idea Exchange channel for more exciting content.