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Digitizing your Family Memories


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Lauren, Old Post Office | May 5, 2021

For many years I wondered how I was going to turn all of my old home video VHS tapes into a digitized copy that I could watch today. I had countless tapes that have been sitting in a box, unable to be watched for years. I had no idea what family memories were on them, and how I was going to be able to see them again. Sure, there are places that do conversions for you, but they can be quite pricey, and I had hours and hours of footage to convert! Then I began to work at the Old Post Office and found out about their digitization programs and capabilities.

As soon as they told me that they had the technology to convert VHS tapes to digital copies, I signed up for a Tech 1-1 session. These past few months I have been slowly plugging away, and am now almost done the conversion. The process has brought many different emotions along with it, and a great sense of nostalgia watching scenes from my childhood play out on tape – many of which I had no idea were even recorded! There has been lots of laughter, some tears, and so much joy from being able to recapture these memories I feared would be lost, and sharing them all with the rest of my family.

VHS is not the only format you can digitize; the list is as follows:

  • 8mm film reels and Super 8 film reels
  • 35mm film strips
  • 35mm mounted slides
  • 120 format film
  • 3.5" (1.44mb) Floppy Disk Conversion
  • Audio cassette tapes
  • Vinyl records