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  • Chris Martin, Idea Exchange
    Chris Martin, Idea Exchange

Nicole, Queen's Square | May 22, 2018

This year, Idea Exchange is pleased to share Lynda.com with our members, an exciting addition to our online learning opportunities. Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that offers courses in technology, software, business, and creative skills, allowing anyone to further their learning in order to achieve personal or professional goals. Instead of paying for a subscription, Idea Exchange members can now take any courses they’d like for free, just by using their membership card to subscribe.

Chris Martin has been using Lynda.com for over five years, for both personal and professional learning opportunities. While employed at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Chris used Lynda.com as part of the staff training for the college’s IT Department. He found the platform incredibly helpful. Since the world of information technology is constantly changing, effective employees must work to keep up with new software and infrastructure. Chris shared, “in an ever-changing industry, Lynda.com has dynamic training material,” which allows professionals to continually upgrade their skills, and retain a broad overview of their industry and important developments that may be taking place.

Idea Exchange is thrilled that Chris is now using his skills in our own Digital Services Department, and it’s inspiring to hear how he has found success with Lynda.com. Personally, he has used the platform to sharpen his skills in photo and sound editing, and particularly enjoyed the “Learning Studio One” course.

Learn more about Lynda.com at ideaexchange.org/lynda