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  • Laser Cutter at Work
    Laser Cutter at Work
  • Trotec Speedy 360 Laser Engraver
    Trotec Speedy 360 Laser Engraver
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Funding Announcement
    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Funding Announcement

Idea Exchange | November 20, 2018

Technology can provide a multitude of revenue-generating capabilities and business opportunities. The Old Post Office Makerspace offers access to the Trotec Speedy 360 Laser Engraver. This product was designed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind, making it easier and more versatile for both experienced and new users.

Laser engraver technology allows makers to cut glass, wood, paper and other materials into prescribed shapes, to create simple craft items or build components for large scale projects.  The Makerspace at Idea Exchange supports business owners and entrepreneurs alike with access to a laser engraver. Our professional on-site staff offer ongoing opportunities to develop skills and assist our members with their laser engraving projects.

Reflecting their commitment to innovation and science education the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada generously donated funds to purchase the Trotec Laser engraver for the Makerspace at the Old Post Office. We thank them for their ongoing support in offering learning opportunities to the community of Cambridge.

Laser Cutter at the Old Post Office: Introductory Guide