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Lighting up the Holidays


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  • Hespeler Idea Exchange lit up with blue purple lights at night
  • Old Post Office, Idea Exchange lit up at night with wreaths and trees

Gabrielle, Queen's Square | December 4, 2020

No matter what you celebrate, the City of Cambridge has us covered for holiday cheer that we can enjoy safely this year. From November 23-January 2, you can enjoy twenty light installations all over Cambridge as part of Winter Illumination, a new event that combines all the best parts of previously loved events like Phil Kline's Unsilent Night, Candyland, and Music and Lights in the Village. Idea Exchange is proud to be a partner with three of our locations offering installations for you to relish.

The ever-popular Old Post Office light show will change again with a fresh holiday edition starting on November 19th, just ahead of the rest of the installations. You can view it Thursday to Sunday nights at 7:00pm (with sound), 7:30pm (with sound), 8:00pm (no sound), and 8:30pm (no sound). Bring your own hot chocolate and really make a night of it.

At our Hespeler location, see Through the Glass, an installation by company Little Electric that emphasizes the stunning architecture of the building and turns the whole thing into a larger than life snow globe! You may want to stop the car for this and walk around the building to see the whole thing. Try taking a picture from the corner of Tannery and Adam streets and be sure to tag #CinC2020 and #Ideaexchng when you post on the socials.

Artist Trevor Waurechen’s Spirit of the Season installation at our Queen’s Square location will dazzle you. A commentary of the busyness of the season, the ever-changing, massive digital projection is visible from outside the building. Try looking at it from the Galt (Queen’s Square) Cenotaph to get the best view.

Please remember that pandemic guidelines are still in effect and that gathering limits apply.

We hope you can get out and enjoy the lights this holiday season.