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  • R2D2 Droid Box

Annie at the Old Post Office | November 5, 2018

...there was an out of this world STEAMbox!

I am a huge Star Wars fan, and was immediately drawn to this STEAMbox. The artwork on this box alone is enough to make any Star Wars fan want to discover more. I thought of when R2D2 played the hologram of Princess Leia begging for Obi Wan's help, and when I opened the box I was so pleased to see the bits waiting for me to build R2!

The app that you have to use to build and interact with the droid ties in with the films, making it feel like you are part of the training program, following through with missions in the Star Wars world.

I found it quite easy to follow along with the instructions on how to build the droid. It went nice and slow, and gave the option to replay the steps, giving little prompts and tips along the way. The images shown were exactly what I was looking at in real life, making it super simple to put R2D2 together.

My favorite part of the droid is the authentic R2D2 sounds it makes. I always loved when R2 would do his little electronic “scream” in times of danger, and this droid makes the exact same noise (plus so many more!).

I enjoyed every step of this box, from simply looking at the Star Wars scenes on the outside of the box, to accepting my mission to build and control R2D2!

May the force be with you!