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Makey Makey Box



  • Makey Makey Setup

Trish at the Old Post Office | November 13, 2018

In first examining this box I wasn’t sure what to expect. The bright red box, and the circuit board design doesn’t give much away as to the contents of the box. I looked inside to find the Microbit and the Makey Makey.  These two items didn’t look like much at first, but I was amazed at what these small circuit boards could do.

I loved playing Mario Brothers as a kid, and the Makey Makey brings an extra unique quality to games like this. I controlled Mario by holding the black clip in one hand and tapping the other coloured clips to make Mario jump and move.  Next time I think I will try playing using a few different things, like the bananas, paperclips, and cans that are included in the box, or maybe some things not in the box.

The Microbit I found a little more challenging! I had to spend some time researching Microbit basics, and what I could code with it. I coded a rock paper scissors game, as well as a fortune teller game. These games were a little more complex to code, so I suggest first trying to make the Microbit lights display your name, and then move on to the more challenging codes.

 I enjoyed every part of exploring this box, as well as everything I learned along the way.  I would suggest for anyone using this for the first time to read and follow the directions included, and have plenty of time to learn and create your own unique code. 

Happy coding everyone!!