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Laura, Old Post Office | October 1, 2018

Hi, my name is Laura. I love the challenge of exploring new technologies but what I love even more is sharing that experience with the community. I have spent many years working at various libraries and have found my true passion in helping the community connect in a space that I believe is for both consuming and creating information.

Libraries have become so much more than just a warehouse for books. They have become an entry into the digital world and have transformed into a hub for discovery, creativity, and collaboration. I believe the library plays an important role in making sure technology is accessible – you never know how something will fit into your life until you give it a try!

At the Old Post Office, we have all the tools you need to develop your skills and find your passions. The Creative Studios are the perfect place to explore a new skill or collaborate with friends on a project. Pick up an instrument and jam with the Music Hub, or record the song, podcast, or YouTube video you’ve always wanted to in our Recording Studios.

You don’t need any experience to start creating. Learn all about audio and common recording techniques in Audio 101, or create your own Spooky Soundtrack to take your Halloween night to the next level. If art is up your alley, check out our Digital Art Workshop and create a masterpiece of your own! We have lots of programs and events planned for makers of all kinds. Hope to see you soon!