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  • STEAMboxes on the OPO Terrace
    STEAMboxes on the Terrace of the Old Post Office

Michelle, Old Post Office | April 3, 2021

Even though the doors of the Discovery Centre have to close for a little while, the staff here see that as no reason for the fun and creativity of our community to slow down! There are several ways to bring the OPO home to continue creating.

The Discovery Centre is full of exciting STEAM-based toys and gadgets for kids from age one to a hundred-and-one to enjoy together. We are so excited that our popular STEAMboxes are available for you to check out and explore at home! Find out which boxes are available by searching our library catalogue for STEAMbox.

Wondering which STEAMbox is right for you? Each is full of tech-based learning activities designed to be enjoyed by kids and their adults, so most boxes should suit families with multiple school-aged children. Alphabet City was created for smaller explorers learning about literacy, so it has a younger suggested age range (3-6) while the Chemistry and Physics boxes are for slightly more advanced learners and are suggested for explorers aged 8 and up.

When you decide which STEAM Box you would like (a difficult decision since they’re all super cool), find your library card, call the Old Post Office Reception desk at 226-533-2767 and we can check the box out to your Idea Exchange account. Pick up your box the same day at our Reception desk and you will have two weeks to explore all of its contents! You can check out our rigamajig, book collection, Launchpads, Read the Rainbow kits, and AV equipment in the same way.

AV equipment available for contactless pickup includes:

Simply call us at 226-533-2767 to request an available item.

We will miss seeing you all in person for now, but can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things you did at home. Keep creating, and we will see you all very soon!