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  • Idea Exchange, Old Post Office viewed from the Grand River

Jeremy, Old Post Office | February 20, 2021

The production of videos for the Old Post Office Makerspace came from a collaborative recognition that engaging multimedia can be used to highlight any space or workplace. Since the Makerspace staff have backgrounds in different aspects of video production, we thought this introductory video would be a fun and interactive way to show off our beautiful building while putting our skills to use. Makerspace staff scripted and storyboarded the video, over a series of weeks during quarantine. After a one-day drone shoot on location at the OPO, as well as a few days of editing and adjustments, our video was complete!

The main purpose of the virtual tour video was to spread the word about the cutting-edge services available at the Old Post Office, as well as to reach a global audience, who may not be able to see the building in person otherwise. This virtual tour video can be offered at school assemblies, long-term care homes, or anywhere an internet connection is available.

We are planning production on different tutorial videos as instructional tools for the equipment at the Old Post Office, so keep an eye out for more videos on the Idea Exchange YouTube page in the near future!

Tour the Award Winning Idea Exchange, Old Post Office in Cambridge


Submitted by Sherry Boyer (not verified) on

What a fantastic job on this virtual tour of the Old Post Office in downtown Galt an it’s many features of what a digital library has to offer . Such a beautiful way to spend the day along the Grand River and use some of the latest tech equipment to create a masterpiece !! As well as exploring the rich history surrounding downtown Galt .

Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on

Thanks for your kind words, Sherry. It was an absolute joy showcasing this amazing building. Look forward to more videos in the future!

Submitted by Pam Wolf (not verified) on

Very informative video highlighting our beautifull Old Post Office Idea Exchange and the many programs offered. Congratulations to staff and the creators of this virtual tour.

Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on

Thank you, Pam!