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Try Our New 3D Printer Filament: ABS



  • ABS filament is durable
    ABS filament is durable
  • 3D jar printed with ABS filament
    3D jar printed with ABS filament

Jeremy, Old Post Office | July 12, 2021

We've been expanding opportunities for members to experiment with various filaments for our new 3D printer -- the Ultimaker S5. A few months back we added TPU to our list of available filaments. Today, I'm excited to announce that members can also request to print in ABS plastic.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), is a thermoplastic that is easily molded when heated and hardens evenly when cooled. It is extremely durable and offers high impact resistance properties.

An example of a well-known product that is made from ABS plastic are LEGO blocks.

If you're 3D printing parts for mechanical use, ABS plastic may be of use to you as it has higher temperature resistance, and is slightly more flexible than PLA. Unlike PLA, you can also finish ABS with acetone for a smooth, shiny finish. Furthermore, depending on your end-use, ABS has strong electrical insulation properties.

If you would like to try printing using our ABS plastic, let us know when you submit your 3D design to oporeception [at] ideaexchange.org for our Makerspace Pickup Service. Material costs of 20 cents per gram of filament apply.