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The Old Post Office is a creative space to tinker, code, bend, sketch, fabricate and build. We invite you to innovate together - share your expertise and learn from each other’s experiences. The Ideas Blog showcases our services and highlights current trends in tech and makerspaces. Join the conversation and post your innovative discovery today, simply fill out the submission form and we'll post your entry.

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Idea Exchange Old Post Office
Idea Exchange | June 14, 2022
Idea Exchange, Old Post Office in Cambridge, Ontario has received the 2022 Governor General’s Medal for Architecture. Awarded by the Royal... Read More»
Trish, Old Post Office | June 2, 2022
Presenting Totboxes at the Old Post Office, an all-new set of STEAMboxes for children 5 and under!! We have a collection of 5 unique Totboxes for you... Read More»
Services | June 2, 2022
The Old Post Office Makerspace now offers self-serve laminating at $1.00 per sheet. Letter (8.5" x 11'") and legal (8.5" x 14") sizes available. No... Read More»
Geese on OPO Green Roof
Anne, Old Post Office | April 26, 2022
Updates: On May 7, Mama duck left her nest with 12 ducklings and all made it to the water safely. What an exciting event for Mother's day weekend! On... Read More»
large format printer
Jeremy, Old Post Office | December 21, 2021
The Old Post Office and the Makerspace are extremely excited to introduce our newest piece of technology, a large-format printer. The Epson SureColor... Read More»
Laser Etched Live Edge Wood
Jeremy, Old Post Office | October 5, 2021
This holiday season, up in the Old Post Office Makerspace, we are stocking live edge slabs that are perfect for gift ideas. These pieces of wood are... Read More»
A clapboard is held up with a large video camera in the background
Dan, Old Post Office | October 1, 2021
Do you like animated films like Nightmare Before Christmas, The LEGO Movie, or the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? These films were... Read More»
An exterior shot of the Old Post Office location of Idea Exchange
Christine, Old Post Office | October 1, 2021
Have you ever looked at an old building and wondered about its history? If its walls could talk, what stories would they tell? Do you find yourself... Read More»
A person in a biege shirt and a brown apron works in a creative space
Shawna, Old Post Office | September 29, 2021
Welcome back to the Old Post Office Makerspace!  As part of our return to regular Sunday and evening hours, we are rebooting our Makerspace Reward... Read More»
The picnicn table on the OPO green roof
Anne, Old Post Office | August 1, 2021
The Old Post Office has a hidden gem on the second level terrace.  Our terrace is brought to life by a green roof, creating the perfect Zen community... Read More»