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Poetry Contest for National Poetry Month


Poetry Contest Judges

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The Storm of Life
Snow Wishes (mp3)
Gracefulness of Ballet (mp3)
Autumn Highway (mp3)
Tree (mp3)
Where Did That Candy Go? (mp3)
Lone Wolf (mp3)
Winter (mp3)
A Plump, Stout, Chubby Boy
I am me


If I Were. (mp3)
Haven Above. (mp3)
God's Fault. (mp3)
Stuck in the Amazement (mp3)
My Perfect World (mp3)
The Sun Will Rise (mp3)
Bullying: The Reason It Hurts
Spirit Me Off (mp3)
A Quest For Knowledge (mp3)
Le voyage des rêves


Megan: Indian Rhythm (mp3)
The River Cries
Sunday's Dream (mp3)
Too Much Commemoration (mp3)
The Drunken Monkey Man (mp3)
the world awake (mp3)
The Art of Owls
Edinburgh (mp3)
Before I Remember (mp3)

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