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Add to My Calendar (iCal) Help


What Is This?

The "Add to My Calendar" (iCal) feature lets you add events from the calendar on our website to your personal calendar software. Look for an green button like the one below at the bottom of event pages on our site. Click the button and follow the prompts on your device/desktop to add the event to your calendar. For more detailed instructions, read on.


Step-By-Step Instructions


Tap the green button and an Event Details page will appear.

Tap "Add to Calendar"

Add to calendar

Tap "Done"

Done button on Event Details page

To access your calendar, open the calendar icon on your device.

Calendar icon


Tap the green button and if prompted to replace the file, tap the "Replace File" button:

replace file dialogue

If prompted to open the file, tap on "Open":

open file dialogue

If prompted to choose your calendar app, do so:

choose app dialogue

Finally, tap the "Add to Calendar" button to add the event to your calendar:

Add to Calendar button

Windows Desktop

Loading iCal into Email Client

Click on the green button.

A new window will pop up. Beside Open With, use the drop down menu to select the email client (ex. Outlook) and click OK.

Opening event.ics window

The Outlook sign in page will appear. Enter your login credentials.

Once you have signed in to the email client, the calendar entry will load. Click Save and Close.

Save and Close icon

The entry will now appear on your Outlook calendar.

Loading iCal into a web based calendar

Google Calendar-

Click on the green button.

A new window will pop up. Select Save File and save the file to your computer.

Save File

Open Google Calendar and login. Under Other Calendars on the left menu, click the arrow and select Import Calendar.

Google Calendar

Select Browse to locate the .ics file. Click Import.

Import Calendar

The event(s) will automatically appear in your Google Calendar.


Errors on Android

If you experience an error adding an event to your calendar on Android, you can try manually downloading the event file and then loading it. To do so, first long press on the green button. When the context menu appears, select "Download Link":

context menu/download link

Once the file has downloaded, you can launch it from the download notification when you pull down the status bar from the top of your screen:

download complete notification

If that doesn't work, use your file manager to locate the file in your "Download" folder and try opening it from there.