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CTAL: Behind the News: Black and white and the gray in between

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Trillium United Church
450 King Street East, Cambridge
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Behind the News: Black and white and the gray in between

With Jim Poling, The Waterloo Region Record

Join us as journalist Jim Poling takes the audience behind the scenes of print and online journalism and discusses the decision-making that goes into publishing or not publishing stories and photos. Reporting the news often involves dealing with legal, ethical, and traumatic issues. What to publish? How and when? Is it invasive, or in the public interest? Are there limits on the right to know? Who decides? The session relies upon audience participation for discussion. 

Please note, all examples are taken from mainstream newsrooms and while none of the material is gratuitous, some of the discussion and photos might offend. There will be discussion/photos about death, suicide, sex, and sexuality.

About Cambridge Third Age Learning (CTAL)

Cambridge Third Age Learning (CTAL) is a movement that encourages learning and discovery experiences for those in the “third age”—the stage in one’s life beyond full-time employment. By cultivating opportunities for discussion and engaging the expertise of local university professors and community professionals, CTAL supports those who have an intellectual curiosity and an interest in life-long learning. At Idea Exchange, our hope is to foster a self-organized group which would create CTAL programs throughout the year with our support as a venue and promotional vehicle.

Ages 18+

$8.85 + HST


For more information, call 519.621.0460 or ask us online.

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