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Digital Media and Happiness: Bridging the Great Divide

Thursday, January 30, 2020, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Old Post Office
12 Water Street South, Cambridge, ON
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Have you ever stopped to consider how digital media may be affecting your happiness? While the use of digital media has many great advantages, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that it is having a devastating impact on our state of health and level of happiness.

Would it shock you to know that The World Happiness Report demonstrates a marked decline in adolescent psychological well-being on indicators such as depression, suicidal ideation and self harm that coincide with the popularization of smart phones? Their findings suggest that we spend less time interacting with each other and more time devoted to our electronic devices, a practice which has direct links to unhappiness for both young and old.

The science of happiness defines 7 key predictors, or habits of living a happy life. The unhealthy use of digital media erodes 4 of them directly and significantly. This does not bode well in a world where we turn to our technology more and more, and the cost of this has been profound. For many, the real-life losses include:

  • The skill and art of face-to-face conversation, impacting us personally and professionally
  • A decrease in empathy
  • Increased loneliness and feelings of alienation
  • A lack of self confidence or decreased self esteem
  • Poor sleep patterns, contributing to poor mental cognition
  • A staggering level of anxiety (especially in younger generations)

For both adults and youths, in this introductory workshop you will learn the 7 predictors of happiness and understand the full impact that digital media may be having on you or your family. It will define what are healthy and unhealthy practices and provide you with some realistic tools and suggestions to better manage the digital media in your life without giving up its many benefits and conveniences.

This workshop is for YOU if you have been experiencing or pondering any of the following:

  • With technology comes responsibility – how to know when your adolescent is ready for a smart phone.
  • Healthy or unhealthy digital use - what are some red flags?
  • “Digital anxiety” - Do social media interactions leave you or your kids depressed, stressed, or simply less happy? Why? What you can do?
  • The impact of swapping sleep time for screen time.

Janet is a Certified Professional Coach, member of the International Coaching Federation, and a certified Trainer from the Happiness Studies Academy. She works with many worldwide organizations to stay informed about current issues impacting our happiness and well-being and particularly its relationship to mental health. Janet is trained in suicide intervention and has studied with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). She spent several years as a Dale Carnegie Coach and Facilitator and over 20 years of her career in the corporate world as a Marketing and Sales executive. Janet recently started her own coaching company, Eudaimonia – The Art of Happiness, which helps individuals increase their happiness by creating a life that they love unconditionally. Visit her website at:




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