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Game On!

Fridays, July 3 - August 21, 2020, 10:00am

Come play a game with us! Play by yourself or make a team with your adult or siblings for some family fun. Check out what we have planned for each week:

  • July 3: Name It Draw It! - Use your imagination to draw the wildest things!
  • July 10: Splurt! - Think Fast! What’s a Superheroes name containing a “U”? Will you be the first to shout out answers that match the criteria on the cards? 
  • July 17: Animal Charades - We just can’t stop monkeying around! Bring your best acting skills and see if you can guess the other animals in our game of Charades.
  • July 24: Wordshake - See how many words you can find in 3 minutes! Longer words give you more points.
  • July 31: What am I? - Can you guess what I am while zoomed in? Maybe you have sharp ears! What’s that sound?!
  • August 7: Scavenger Hunt - Let’s go on a treasure hunt! See what you can find around your house in our scavenger hunt.
  • August 14: Masterpiece - Become a Master Artist and use your imaginary paintbrush to teach us a masterpiece. Can we recreate your work of art?!
  • August 21: Spot the Difference - Do you have eagle eyes? See if you have spot the difference in these tricky photos.

This program is delivered through Zoom. You only need to register once per viewing device.

All Ages

Online: Please register for this program through Eventbrite.




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