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Marvels of Madagascar

Friday, September 25, 2020, 2:00pm

The “Red Island”, the “Eighth Continent”, the “Island of Lemurs” – no matter what you call it, Madagascar is the most singular place in the world. Separated from the mainland of Africa for over 80 million years Madagascar has been an evolutionary experiment on steroids. From leaping lemurs to strange leaf-tailed geckos, did I mention web throwing spiders? Find out what else makes Madagascar so cool from lemur expert and author of Chasing Lemurs, Keriann McGoogan, and lemur researcher and Executive Director of Planet Madagascar Travis Steffens.

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Check out Keriann’s amazing book, Chasing Lemurs: My Journey Into the Heart of Madagascar. At age twenty-five, graduate student Keriann McGoogan traveled into the wilds of Madagascar to study lemurs in their natural habitat and to set up a permanent field site in the remote northwest—a site to which she could later return to do research for her PhD in biological anthropology. Despite careful planning, the trip spiraled out of control. Food poisoning, harrowing backcountry roads, grueling hikes, challenging local politics, malaria, and an emergency evacuation would turn a simple reconnaissance into an epic adventure. In an engaging narrative, the author vividly describes the challenges of life in an isolated forest region while also bringing to life the wonders of Madagascar's incredible biodiversity, especially its many varieties of lemurs. Sadly, these rare animals are the most endangered group of primates in the world. This fascinating memoir is equal parts a journey of self-discovery, an adventure story, and a heartfelt appreciation of a wonderful island country teeming with unique species and a warm and welcoming local culture.

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Lemur sitting in a tree in Madagascar

Lemur sitting in a tree in Madagascar