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Make and Take Workshop: Moccasins

Sunday, December 8, 2019, 1:00 - 5:00pm
Queen's Square
1 North Square, Cambridge, ON
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Express yourself and be creative making your own extremely durable, all-season footwear guided by a local Indigenous Knowledge Keeper. Experience Indigenous traditions and ways of being and discover more about yourself.

Note: The registration deadline for this event is November 22 to allow our instructor enough time to prep the materials. Participants are asked to make an outline of their foot on paper and hand it in at our Queen’s Square location to the attention of Gabrielle Clermont by November 22. Please ensure your outline is clearly marked with your name.

How to properly make an outline of your foot:
This is an important step in the making of your moccasins as it allows your pair to be fitted to your feet specifically. An outline can be made by tracing your socked or bare foot on a piece of paper with a writing instrument of your choice. Be sure to keep your writing instrument straight up and down to ensure accuracy. If you pencil is tilted, it may go under your foot or too far to the side of your foot and your moccasins may not fit as well. If possible, enlist the help of someone to make your outline.

Ages 18+



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