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My Story: rare Moments in Time

Monday, July 8, 2019, 7:00 - 8:00pm
435 King Street East, Cambridge, ON
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Join local author Bob Burtt as he discusses the history of rare Charitable Research Reserve.

Bob Burtt has been a volunteer and supporter at rare Charitable Research Reserve for more than a decade. The unique history of the area and the beauty of the property inspired him to write “rare Moments in Time.”
Burtt’s story begins more than 12,000 years ago when the first human inhabitants arrived in the Grand River Watershed in search of wooly mammoth, mastodon, and caribou. Since then, the area near Blair has been home to Indigenous People, early settlers, squatters, wealthy Americans, and people who helped secure the future of one of Canada’s largest urban green spaces.

Land situated in the Blair area was the subject of Native wars, ownership disputes, and was home to one of Upper Canada’s first stage coach stops. The fascinating history of the area dates back to the last ice age.
Twenty years ago, the land was owned by the University of Waterloo and had an uncertain future. Today, thanks to people who recognized both an opportunity and a need, the land serves as land trust, environmental institute, and a nature reserve. The charity is committed to keeping the property intact in perpetuity.

It is an idyllic place to take a walk along the Grand River trails or through old forest stands, a place where each year hundreds of children learn to appreciate nature and the environment, where researchers use the property as a science lab, and where organic gardeners return to each year to grow fresh, tasty, and local food.

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