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NFB Film Club: Something in the Air and Island Green

Friday, August 26, 2:00 – 3:30pm
Queen's Square
1 North Square, Cambridge, ON
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Join Idea Exchange each month for free presentations of shorts and documentaries from the National Film Board of Canada. Time for discussion is provided following the film. Refreshments provided by Chartwell Queen's Square.

Something in the Air

2011, Sylvie Dauphinais, 24 min

A 2001 documentary about the dangers of pesticides used by potato farmers in Prince Edward Island. Filmmaker Sylvie Dauphinais made this documentary to issue a wake-up call about an environmental crisis that put the ill, the elderly and the young at great risk. Includes some subtitles.


Island Green

2013, 25 min

This short documentary takes a look at the changing face of PEI's agricultural industry. Once famous for its spuds and red mud, this tiny island province now has higher than average cancer and respiratory illness rates. Is there a link to industrialized farming? Rather than dwelling on PEI’s worrisome monocropping practices, Island Green dares to ask: What if PEI went entirely organic? 

The stirring words of PEI-born poet Tanya Davis are coupled with beautiful imagery and poignant stories from the island’s small but growing community of organic farmers, reminding us that we can rob the land only so much before it robs us of the nourishment we need for life. Island Green is ultimately a story of hope and healthy promise.




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Island Green

Island Green trailer
Island Green trailer