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Youtube Bootcamp: Marketing Your Concept

Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 6:30 - 8:00pm
Old Post Office
12 Water Street South, Cambridge, ON
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Join our YouTube Bootcamp series to learn how to create a successful YouTube channel from scratch or re-brand your existing network! Register for the whole series, or just the sessions that interest you.

YouTube Bootcamp Part Two: Editing Content

The success of any YouTube channel all comes down to the same thing: content. Is it entertaining? Is it visually stimulating? Will it leave viewers wanting more? Once you've figured that out, it all comes down to editing. Part two of our YouTube Bootcamp series focuses on just that. From shaping your story to sweetening your audio and adding sound effects, this 4 week series will cover the basics of editing your content to create a compelling YouTube Channel. Register for the whole series, or just the sessions that interest you. 

Marketing Your Concept

A YouTube Channel is only as good as its subscribers. Without a following, what’s the point? This week we’ll dive into how to keep your brand consistent, relatable and relevant to your target audience. We’ll also go into how to get more subscribers without driving your current ones away.

Ages 13+



For more information, call 226.533.2767 or ask us online.

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