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Phil Kline's Unsilent Night


Recurring Events

  • Unsilent Night, 2014. Cherie Fawcett, photographer
    Unsilent Night, 2014. Cherie Fawcett, photographer

Unsilent Night is a free outdoor participatory sound sculpture of many individual parts, recorded on cassettes, CDs and mp3s, and played through a roving swarm of boomboxes carried through city streets. Since 1992, this 45-minute work has grown into a worldwide annual communal event that has become an essential part of many winter holiday celebrations.

Unsilent Night is an important part of the Christmas season in Cambridge and is organized by the City of Cambridge. Walk from City Hall through historic downtown Cambridge and return to City Hall for the event's finale. While the ambient music delights your ears, your eyes will be treated to fantastic light installations along the route.

Each year, Idea Exchange is proud to present a unique light installation at our Queen's Square location as part of this popular community event.

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