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Rhythm & Blues Presents: Black History Month


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Black History Month is a time for us to celebrate the unique and compelling stories of Black Canadians past and present.  The Rhythm & Blues series of Black History Month events throughout February provides opportunities for citizens to engage with Black history, art, culture, and social justice, organized by local members of the Black community.  The name Rhythm & Blues comes from the saying “They want our rhythm but not our blues” and this series offers a look at the historical and contemporary struggles and triumphs of Black communities in Waterloo Region.

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Join us in a month-long celebration of Black history.

Looking for community resources?
Check out this list of African, Caribbean, and Black-Owned businesses in Cambridge
Try Welcome Cambridge, a map that helps you discover services in your area.

Explore Black History Month with materials from Idea Exchange.
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Rhythm & Blues would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters:

Afro Tribal Dancers
Alana Decker Cambridge Art Galleries
Cambridge Food Bank
Caribbean Basket
Changing the Flow
City of Cambridge
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hymn to freedom project
Idea Exchange
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Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre
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Stephanie Duff - Rayne Project
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