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Run the Solar System


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Idea Exchange | September 5, 2018

Get fit and learn about space as you run the solar system in this all ages virtual race! Drop into our track at Idea Exchange, Clemens Mill anytime during opening hours from September 16-22, 2018 to complete the race at your own pace.

What is Run the Solar System?

Run the Solar System is a 10k 'virtual race' which involves journeying across the Solar System from the Sun to Neptune in just 10 kilometers, accompanied by music and audio commentary from science broadcaster Dallas Campbell.

Download the Run the Solar System App on your portable device and get moving to the music and narration.

Run the Solar System App Installation Instructions

  1. Download the free Racelink app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Log into your Racelink account in the app (request a reminder if you’ve forgotten your details; you are automatically registered when you enter the race).
  3. Tap on the Run the Solar System logo, customize your run settings and off you go!

As you run, the app will play any music you've selected and audio clips according to your distance covered. There's no need to check your phone during the run - the audio will let you know when to start and stop.

This event is part of Science Literacy Week 2018 and the Clemens Mill Open House.