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Earth Day Reads and More


Earth Day is not just about picking up garbage and doing some restorative work in our neighbourhoods.

In many ways Earth Day is about what we can do everyday, everywhere.

Idea Exchange can help reduce energy usage,  provide seeds from our seed library, and lend garden tools.

We also have an excellent selection of books highlighting ways to garden to enhance soil, bird, animal and plant interactions. From bird watching, to the science of walking, to the inter-connections of our natural world, Idea Exchange will have you celebrating Earth Day everyday, and in many ways.

Tallamy, Douglas W.
Nature's best hope

Douglas Tallamy combines environmental protection, natural landscaping, native plants, and insect animal and plant relationships together, and he does it all in your backyard. Eschewing the go-big approach, Tallamy shows he we can practically improve the natural world around us by concentrating on the good we can do by learning what to grow and how to garden for the maximum environmental benefits.

Eaton, Isa Hendry
Small garden style

Eaton advocated for the joys of gardening, no matter how limited your space, in this stylish and beautifully photographed book, that will have you seeing the possibilities in your space, instead of its limitations.

Rouse, Dan.
How to attract birds to your garden

Attracting robust birdlife to your yard, regardless of size, is the focus of ornithologist Dan Rouse's book. From plants, trees, to bird houses, feeders and more Rouse will help you bring more birds to your house all while enhancing the beauty of your space.

O'Mara, S. M.
In praise of walking

O'Mara explores the science behind walking: the joys it can provide, the mood enhancement, not to mention the environmental benefits of leaving the car at home and getting out and exploring our surroundings.

Hunter, Michael
The hunter chef cookbook

Michael is a hunter, angler and forager and accomplished chef from Toronto. Hunter clearly demonstrates cooking techniques for big game, small game and freshwater local fish. In a world where many of our table options come from factory farms, the Hunter Chef Cookbook  is a fresh reminder of the availability and simplicity of local products.

Hunter, Ollie.
30 easy ways to join the food revolution

Ollie Hunter focuses his cookbook on three key principles: zero waste; eating organically and seasonally; and buying 50 per cent of your produce within 30 miles of where you live. Read the book and then head to the Cambridge Market in spring and get cooking!

Walker, John
How to create an eco garden

Walker explores growing food, landscape design, flower planting and more in this practical (and well-illustrated) book. Soil preparation, composting, harvesting rainwater, and maximizing sun exposure are all clearly laid out, as is growing shrubs and trees that will attract pollinators and birds.

American Society of Botanical Artists
Botanical art techniques

Don't just create a beautiful garden, or enjoy your natural surroundings, learn to illustrate, paint, and draw the natural world around us. In over 900 photos, you will be shown both the variety of approaches as well as step-by-step examples to enjoy botanical artistry.

Loades, Greg.
The modern cottage garden

Loades provides lots of information on creating a beautiful cottage style garden with tips to keep it in peak form year round.

Sheldrake, Merlin.
Entangled life

Sheldrake makes a brilliant argument for the complete connectivity of our world beneath our feet, through the study of mushrooms and fungi. His writing is personable, intelligent and awe inspiring. Wow!



Zarankin, Julia
Field notes from an unintentional birder

People come to bird watching form many different places. Zarankin, whose divorce and stressful job change spurned her interest in bird watching, will get you excited about getting outside with a pair of binoculars. More a memoir than a field guide, you'll enjoy her enthusiasm for birding, as you follow her journey from stress to contentment.

Mancuso, Stefano.
The incredible journey of plants

Mancuso has a passion for plants. He also asks great questions about what it means to be natural; what native means when we talk about plants, and the future of our ecosystems. A book that will appeal to younger readers and adults alike. Don' t have a sense of awe about the world around us? You will after reading this book.