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General Fiction


You might find your favorite title here and listening to it will give you a whole new perspective. A mix of literary and mainstream fiction these titles don't fall into any particular genre.

Hepworth, Sally.
The family next door

Evans, Richard Paul.
The forgotten road

Mayes, Frances.
Women in sunlight

Quindlen, Anna.
Alternate side

Genova, Lisa.
Every note played

Kinsella, Sophie.
Surprise me

Shattuck, Jessica.
The women in the castle

Patterson, James
Two from the heart

Shreve, Anita.
The stars are fire

Beatty, Paul.
The sellout

O'Neill, Heather
The lonely hearts hotel

Kinsella, Sophie.
My (not so) perfect life

Hepworth, Sally.
The mother's promise

Cooper, Jilly.

Smith, Zadie.
Swing time

Meyer, Stephenie
The chemist

Donoghue, Emma
The wonder

Bohjalian, Chris
The sleepwalker

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew.
The Nowhere Man

Higgins, Jack
The midnight bell

Pancol, Katherine
The slow waltz of turtles

Coelho, Paulo.
The spy