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General Fiction


You might find your favorite title here and listening to it will give you a whole new perspective. A mix of literary and mainstream fiction these titles don't fall into any particular genre.

Hilderbrand, Elin.
Winter in paradise

Rosnay, Tatiana de
The rain watcher

Picoult, Jodi
A spark of light

Sparks, Nicholas.
Every breath

Harbison, Elizabeth M.
Every time you go away

Hamilton, Laurell K.

White, Karen
Dreams of falling

Pearson, Allison
How hard can it be?

Wiggs, Susan.
Between you & me

Steel, Danielle.
Fall from grace

Giffin, Emily.
All we ever wanted

Delinsky, Barbara.
Before and again

Monroe, Mary Alice.
Beach house reunion

Heti, Sheila

Hepworth, Sally.
The family next door

Evans, Richard Paul.
The forgotten road

Mayes, Frances.
Women in sunlight

Quindlen, Anna.
Alternate side

Genova, Lisa.
Every note played

Kinsella, Sophie.
Surprise me

Shattuck, Jessica.
The women in the castle

Patterson, James
Two from the heart

Shreve, Anita.
The stars are fire

Beatty, Paul.
The sellout