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Good Reading, Eh?


Canadian authors are not usually in Large Print, so when they do appear it generally means that their books have been really, really, well reviewed!

Goodman, Joanna
The forgotten daughter

Atwood, Margaret
The testaments

Kamal, Sheena.
The lost ones

Nora Watts has experienced a lot of pain in her lifetime, growing up part white and part native in a foster system that never cared for her. When the daughter she put up for adoption goes missing, she scours the streets of Vancouver for answers and must confront her darkest demons.

Penny, Louise.
Kingdom of the blind

Atwood, Margaret
The heart goes last

Donoghue, Emma
The wonder

St. John Mandel, Emily
Station eleven

Adamson, Gil
The outlander

DeWitt, Patrick
The Sisters brothers

Edugyan, Esi.
Half-blood blues

Donoghue, Emma

Ondaatje, Michael
The cat's table

Fielding, Joy.
Charley's web

Lansens, Lori.
The girls

Lawson, Mary
Crow Lake