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Historical Fiction


A well-plotted story grounded in historical fact appeals to our sense of adventure and our curiosity about past times.

Scottoline, Lisa.

Morris, Heather
Three sisters

Kelly, Martha Hall.
Sunflower sisters

Bohjalian, Chris
Hour of the witch

Burke, James Lee
Another kind of Eden

Hart, John
The unwilling

Doerr, Anthony
Cloud cuckoo land

Groff, Lauren.

Winspear, Jacqueline
The consequences of fear

Finch, Charles
An extravagant death

Baldacci, David.
A gambling man

Hannah, Kristin.
The four winds

Donoghue, Emma
The pull of the stars

Robson, Jennifer
Our darkest night

Quinn, Kate.
The rose code

Harris, Robert

Kidd, Sue Monk.
The book of longings

Mitchell, David
Utopia Avenue