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Historical Fiction


A well-plotted story grounded in historical fact appeals to our sense of adventure and our curiosity about past times.

Gregory, Philippa.

Chevalier, Tracy.
A single thread

Williams, Beatriz.
The golden hour

Whitehead, Colson
The Nickel boys

Baldacci, David.
One good deed

Lippman, Laura
Lady in the lake

Benjamin, Melanie
Mistress of the Ritz

Hilderbrand, Elin.
Summer of' 69

Benjamin, Melanie
Mistress of the Ritz

Kelly, Martha Hall.
Lost roses

Griffin, W. E. B.
The enemy of my enemy

Archer, Jeffrey
Heads you win

MacNeal, Susan Elia.
The prisoner in the castle

Steel, Danielle.
The good fight

Follett, Ken.
A column of fire

Ondaatje, Michael

McLain, Paula.
Love and ruin

Frazier, Charles

Hannah, Kristin.
The great alone

Cornwell, Bernard.
Fools and mortals

Griffin, W. E. B.
Death at Nuremberg

Benjamin, Melanie
The girls in the picture

Smith, Wilbur A.
War cry

Shattuck, Jessica.
The women in the castle

Shreve, Anita.
The stars are fire