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Hot New Fall Releases


Fall isn't just the time to enjoy colourful changing leaves and digging out your comfy jeans, it's the time for awesome new books! Check out these hot new releases from your favourite authors.

French, Tana

Called "One of the greatest crime novelists writing today" (Vox), French is back and taking a break from her bestselling Dublin Murder Squad books with this masterful psychological thriller. Cal Hooper, formerly with the Chicago police department, just wants to retire in peace in a sleepy Irish village. But when a local kid with a missing brother twists his arm into investigating, Hooper will find some of the darkest secrets hide in the prettiest places...  

Ware, Ruth
One by One

David Baldacci has called her "the Agatha Christie of our generation" and Ware proves it in spades in this diabolically clever locked-room mystery. Ten employees from Snoop, a tech startup, are at a ski chalet in the French Alps for a week-long corporate retreat. Tempers and tensions start to simmer when people disagree about whether to sell for big bucks or go public. Then in quick succession, someone doesn't come back from the slopes, and an avalanche strands them at the chalet without phones, internet and power. Then someone else dies...

Hilderbrand, Elin .
Troubles in Paradise

In this satisfying conclusion to the Paradise series, Irene and her sons try to settle down on the island of St. John, where Irene's husband Russ led a double life that may have caused his death in a helicopter accident. But with visits from the FBI and a car with tinted windows following them, life on the island is more nerve-wracking then she thought. Will the truth finally set them all free?

Grisham, John
Time for Mercy

Grisham revisits Jake Brigance, the hero of A Time to Kill, in this stunning courtroom drama. It's 1990 in Clanton, Mississippi and Jake is defending 16-year-old Drew Gamble on the charge of murdering a local deputy in a town where most have already found him guilty. Expect small-town intrigue, courtroom theatrics and stunning twists and turns in the latest from Grisham, the master of the legal thriller.

McDermid, Val
Still Life

In this the propulsive sixth DI Karen Pirie book, McDermid remains true to form as "Britain's Queen of crime". Multiple murders, including a body a lobster fisherman pulls out of the water and skeletal remains found in a parking garage with the skull bashed in, drive this twisty novel about secret identities, art forgery and murder most foul. 

Sparks, Nicholas

When Navy Doctor Trevor Benson is injured in Afghanistan, he returns to his hometown in North Carolina to recover at his late grandfather's cabin where he finds peace tending his grandpa's bees. Then two women enter his life: one is a compelling deputy sheriff who seems to have feelings for him but is hiding something and one is a sullen teenage girl who may know the secret behind his grandfather's mysterious death. Soon his world will be turned upside down and secrets will be revealed...

Rankin, Ian
Song for the Dark Times

John Rebus is back in one of the must-read books of the year! When his daughter Samantha calls him frantic because her husband has been missing for two days, Rebus knows that she'll be the primary suspect. In a small town with big secrets, Rebus isn't sure if the truth will set them free. Rebus wasn't the best dad as he was always working, but when it comes to his daughter, he'll help her or die trying.

Nesbo, Jo .

Nesbo takes a break from his bestselling Harry Hole series to unleash this vivid psychological thriller about the bonds between brothers. When they were orphaned, teenage Roy tried to look after his impulsive younger brother Cal but was secretly happy when Cal left Norway to find his fortune. Suddenly years later, Cal is back with a stunning, tempting wife and big plans for the family land. But will the brothers survive Cal's homecoming? "As psychologically acute as it is disturbing, with plot twists you never see coming, Jo Nesbo's new novel is the work of a master of noir at the top of his game." - Syndetics

Kinsella, Sophie
Love Your Life

Ava doesn't believe in dating apps and algorithms anymore, she believes in romance in the real world. After a recent breakup, Ava takes a leap of faith and jets off to a remote writer's group in Italy (where no one can use their real name or divulge personal info). Ava, now called "Aria" meets "Dutch" and a dream-filled, whirlwind romance ensues. But what happens when they go back to London and the real world?

Flynn, Vince
Total Power

"In bestseller Mills's suspenseful, strikingly original sixth Mitch Rapp novel (after 2019's Lethal Agent), the Russians activate sleeper agent Sonya Vance and send her to the backwoods of West Virginia, where she meets John Alton, a power grid consultant for the U.S. government, who tells her he has the ability to shut down the entire U.S. power grid and keep it down for a year, maybe forever. When the CIA gets wind of the plot, Mitch and his team set a trap for Alton, but the wily evil genius evades them. Meanwhile, Alton unleashes his attack. Mitch's hunt for Alton amid a devastated America in the throes of an epic disaster is as riveting as anything penned by Mitch's creator, Vince Flynn." - Publisher's Weekly

Taylor, Patrick .
Irish Country Welcome

In the 15th book in the delightful Irish Country series, it's 1969 in the Northern Irish village of Ballybucklebo and Dr. Barry Laverty and his wife Sue are awaiting their first child while others are excited about the televised moon landing. "While Barry and Dr. Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly and their fellow physicians deal with everything from brain surgery to a tractor accident to a difficult pregnancy, there's still time to share the comforting joys and pleasures of this very special place: fly-fishing, boat races, and even the town's very first talent competition!" - Syndetics

Penny, Louise
All the devils are here Gamache #16

Gamache is back in the City of Lights! Armand is in Paris to celebrate the anticipated birth of a new grandchild when, after a cozy family meal with Armand's billionaire godfather, Stephen Horowitz, the elderly man is struck and severely injured in a suspicious accident. Police don't take Gamache seriously until he finds a corpse shot dead in Stephen's torn-apart pad. Of course, not having jurisdiction isn't going stop Armand from investigating! As Publisher's Weekly notes, "Penny's nuanced exploration of the human spirit continues to distinguish this brilliant series."

Hornby, Nick
Just Like You

"Hornby lives up to his reputation as bard of the everyday in this thoughtful romance that crosses lines of race, age, and class. Lucy, a white, not-quite-divorced schoolteacher, first notices Joseph, a part-time butcher, soccer coach, and aspiring DJ who is black and 20 years her junior, while listening to her friend flirt with him across the counter at the butcher shop. Lucy hires Joseph to babysit her two precocious boys, who adore him, and soon Lucy and Joseph's relationship becomes romantic. This is great fun!" - Publisher's Weekly

Butcher, Jim
Battle Ground

"Butcher swiftly pays off on the major cliffhanger from Peace Talks, launching wizard Harry Dresden and the city of Chicago into a no-holds-barred battle. As the previous work ended, the Fomor King Corb and the Last Titan, Ethniu, threw down the gauntlet to the assembled supernatural nations, who had gathered for peace talks. Mere hours later, Fomor forces rise out of Lake Michigan and besiege Chicago with the intention of killing everyone in the city. What follows is an "epic mythology fight". Harry begins this volume still able to toss off his usual wisecracks, but he turns grim as the toll of battle mounts and the physical, magical, and emotional blows keep coming. This is urban fantasy at its best, combining spectacular magic and deeply explored character." - Publisher's Weekly

Backman, Fredrik
Anxious People

Backman, the bestselling author of A Man Called Ove, is back with another poignant comedy about modern life. When a would-be bank robber shows up at an open house and takes everyone hostage, he soon realizes that having eight anxious hostages may be worse than surrendering to the police! During the hostage taking, long hidden truths are revealed and Backman's pitch perfect understanding of human nature makes this whimsical book one to remember.  

Cleeves, Ann .
Darkest Evening

DCI Vera Stanhope is driving while fighting a brutal blizzard when she comes across a car stuck in the storm with its door open. She becomes alarmed when she finds a toddler strapped into a car seat but no one else. Fearing the baby will freeze, she scoops up the child and they continue on to the next house Brockburn. A party is happening, the windows are bright and the music is flowing but there's a body in the front yard. And just like that Stanhope has a new case to solve!

Picoult, Jodi
Book of Two Ways

Picoult's new book explores the choices we make and the paths we don't take. When Dawn Edelstein's plane makes an emergency crash landing, thoughts flash through Dawn's mind. However none of the thoughts are about her husband and child, instead her thoughts instantly turn to Wyatt Armstrong, a man she loved and lost fifteen years ago. When she survives the crash, the airline offers one flight to anywhere in the world. Does she go home to her family or to Egypt where Wyatt is unearthing artifacts?  

Jewell, Lisa
Invisible Girl

Is your creepy neighbour responsible for the spate of recent assaults on young women? That's what Cate Fours is asking herself about their strange neighbour Owen Pick. Pick has just been suspended from his teaching job due to allegations of sexual misconduct and searching for help online, he stumbles into the dark world of "incel" (involuntarily celibate) forums. Full of rage, could he have gone too far? And wasn't he following Cate's teenage daughter? Soon a girl goes missing and Owen is the last person to see her alive...

Cornwell, Bernard
War Lord

In the 13th and final book in this bestselling historical action series, warrior king Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg fights to save the last kingdom of England, Northumbria, from vast enemies attacking from all sides. Can he prevail in this, his last stand?

Follett, Ken .
Evening and the Morning/

In this prequel to The Pillars of the Earth (set in 997-1007 CE), we meet three people: Edgar, a man who is good with his hands, Ragna, an attractive noblewoman trapped in an unfulfilling marriage and Brother Aldred, a cleric who is trying to fight corruption in the church. Their three lives notably intertwine despite their disparate backgrounds in this epic historical novel.