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Hottest Books of 2020


Whew Cambridge! Is it getting hot in here or is it just our books? Here are all the hottest, most circulated titles of 2020 that we couldn't get enough of. Make sure you haven't missed any of the books that everyone's loving and talking about in our hometown.

John, Elton.

Blake, Sarah
The guest book

Moriarty, Liane.
Nine perfect strangers

Atwood, Margaret
The testaments

Bryson, Bill.
The body

Brown, Brené.
Dare to lead

Hollis, Rachel
Girl, wash your face

Jewell, Lisa.
The family upstairs

Connelly, Michael
The night fire

Doyle, Glennon

Grisham, John.
The guardians

Obama, Michelle

Penny, Louise.
A better man

Child, Lee.
Blue moon

Gladwell, Malcolm
Talking to strangers