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Large Print Rapid Reads


Many of the most popular books in the library are also available in large print.  This list includes any library Bestseller and is updated weekly.

Coben, Harlan
Don't let go

Brown, Dan

Slaughter, Karin
The good daughter

Sandford, John
Deep freeze

Follett, Ken.
A column of fire

Brown, Sandra
Seeing red

Ware, Ruth.
The lying game

Steel, Danielle.

Steel, Danielle.
The right time

Quinn, Kate.
The Alice network

Patterson, James

Patterson, James
The Store

King, Stephen
Sleeping beauties

Kellerman, Faye.
Killing season

Hilderbrand, Elin.
Winter solstice

Hawkins, Paula.
Into the water

Grisham, John.
The rooster bar

Grafton, Sue.
Y is for yesterday

Connelly, Michael
Two kinds of truth

Baldacci, David.
End game

Hilderbrand, Elin.
The identicals

Grisham, John.
Camino Island

Connelly, Michael
The late show

Barton, Fiona.
The child