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March Madness: The Best Blissful New Releases


Let's be honest, things haven't been as rosy as we hoped they would be by now.

March Madness is upon us, spring is just around the corner, and who knows when the kids will be off for their spring break?

If there's one thing library members are telling me, is that they want to read and  "Just don't make it too heavy" is what I hear over and over again.

So, take a deep breathe and pick up one of these blissful new fiction titles. Guaranteed to bring pleasure, but not too much turmoil.


Metz, Melinda.
Fox Crossing

The charming village of Fox Crossing is the last stop before the wilds of the Appalachian trail. Anne Hatherley doesn't believe in the good luck associated with foxes until she meets hiker NIck Ferrrone. If you like the show the Good Witch, you'll enjoy the magical charms here.

Shalvis, Jill.
The forever girl

A touching story about family, love and second chances.

Hunting, Helena.
Kiss my cupcake

It's a battle of two very different business that open side-by-side. Blair loves cupcakes and Ronan is a bro who fancies ax-throwing. The competition for business is fierce, but is there a sliver of interest between them? A funny romantic comedy.

Brown, Carolyn
The daydream cabin

A spirited novel about hope and second chances. Substitute counselor Jayden Bennett takes a job working with at-risk youth in Northern Texas, and everyone learns valuable lessons throughout the summer.

Camilleri, Andrea.
The Sicilian method

Can't travel this year? No problem, just enjoy a trip to southern Italy with deadpan and droll detective Montelbano, who is back to solve another mystery.

McKenna, Clara.
Murder at Blackwater Bend

Wild-hearted Stella Kendrick helps solve a crime in upper-class England with her soon to be husband viscount Lyndhurst. A fun tale of amateur detective work, with the usual hilarious clashes of culture between Americans and the Brits.

Colgan, Jenny.
West End girls

Lizzie and Penny are twin sisters who find themselves living in a flat on King's Road London. Meeting west boys and trying to be the It girls about town prove more difficult than originally imagined, in this light romantic comedy.

Balson, Ronald H.
Eli's promise

A historical novel about surviving WWII in Poland, that sees Eli Rosen surviving the war and moving to Chicago in the 1960s. Rosen searches for justice for his family in this touching tale of surviving the evil deeds of war.

Lewis, Susan
Forgive me

An enjoyable gentle read that explores the human ability to forgive yet not forget.

Austin, Lynn N.
If I were you

Shows the power of friendship and forgiveness in the post-war period in Britain and then America. Eva and Audrey are best of friends, but sometimes even best friends can betray one another. How they work it out is where the pleasure in this novel resides.