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Miserable Childhoods


Some childhoods are not only unhappy, they are horrifying. Yet children survive and grow up. If, at times,reading of their narratives makes you uncomfortable, just think, they had to live them.

Donsky, Barbara Bracht.
Missing mother

Alexie, Sherman
You don't have to say you love me

Intense but unspoken feeling suffuses the bittersweet relationship between a mother and her son in this poignant, conflicted, raucous memoir of a Native American family.

Whitsell, Phyllis.
My secret mother

Krysko, Kerri.
Kerried away

Dugard, Jaycee Lee

Kelly, Irene
Sins of the mother

Edwards, Helen.
My secret sister

Livingston, Deborah.
Strand of pearls

Sixsmith, Martin.

Virag, Bonnie E.
The stovepipe

Smart, Elizabeth
My story

Chapman, Marina
The girl with no name

Beah, Ishmael
A long way gone

Pelzer, David J.
A man named Dave

Walls, Jeannette.
The glass castle

McCourt, Frank.
Angela's ashes