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These latest mysteries are a good way to broaden your reading horizon. If you discover a new author and want to read more, check to see if there there are other books or even a series you can get you teeth into.

Koryta, Michael.
How it happened

Koontz, Dean R.
The crooked staircase

Knoll, Jessica.
The favorite sister

King, Stephen
The outsider

Andrews, Mary Kay
The high tide club

Patterson, James
The 17th suspect

Sandford, John
Twisted prey

Hepworth, Sally.
The family next door

Baldacci, David.
The fallen

Deaver, Jeffery.
The cutting edge

Crais, Robert.
The wanted

Baldacci, David.
The fallen

Clark, Mary Higgins.
I've got my eyes on you

White, Randy Wayne.
Caribbean rim

Patterson, James
Red alert

Margolin, Phillip.
The third victim

Jance, Judith A.
Duel to the death

Fox, Candice.
Crimson Lake

Hendricks, Greer.
The wife between us

Hart, John
The hush

Berenson, Alex.
The deceivers

Kellerman, Jonathan.
Night moves

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew.

Gardner, Lisa.
Look for me

Willig, Lauren.
The English wife

Cleveland, Karen.
Need to know