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These latest mysteries are a good way to broaden your reading horizon. If you discover a new author and want to read more, check to see if there there are other books or even a series you can get you teeth into.

Johansen, Iris.

Patterson, James

Ryan, Hank Phillippi.
The murder list

Gardner, Lisa.
When you see me

Woods, Stuart.

Finder, Joseph.
House on fire

Child, Lee.
Blue moon

Robb, J. D.
Golden in death

Kellerman, Jonathan.
The museum of desire

Preston, Douglas J.
Crooked river

Kubica, Mary.
The other Mrs.

Cook, Robin

Evanovich, Janet.
Twisted twenty-six

Baldacci, David.
A minute to midnight

Jewell, Lisa.
The family upstairs

Cleeves, Ann.
The long call

Patterson, James
Criss cross

Patterson, James
The 19th Christmas

Sandford, John
Bloody genius

Grisham, John.
The guardians

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.

Connelly, Michael
The night fire