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These latest mysteries are a good way to broaden your reading horizon. If you discover a new author and want to read more, check to see if there there are other books or even a series you can get you teeth into.

Mills, Kyle
Red war

Sandford, John
Holy ghost

Chesterton, G. K.
Father Brown.

Rice, Anne
Blood communion

Galbraith, Robert.
Lethal white

French, Tana.
The witch elm

MacNeal, Susan Elia.
The prisoner in the castle

Ryan, Hank Phillippi.
Trust me

Coleman, Reed Farrel
Robert B. Parker's Colorblind

Scottoline, Lisa.

Parker, T. Jefferson.
Swift vengeance

Muller, Marcia.
The Breakers

Kellerman, Jonathan.
A measure of darkness

Johansen, Iris.
Double blind

Coes, Ben.
Bloody Sunday

Woods, Stuart.
The money shot

Lapeña, Shari
An unwanted guest

Coulter, Catherine.

Roberts, Nora.
Shelter in place

Preston, Douglas J.
The pharaoh key

Patterson, James

Paris, B. A.
Bring me back

Hillier, Jennifer.
Jar of hearts

Hilderbrand, Elin.
The perfect couple

Doiron, Paul.
Stay hidden

Castillo, Linda.
A gathering of secrets

Koryta, Michael.
How it happened