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These latest mysteries are a good way to broaden your reading horizon. If you discover a new author and want to read more, check to see if there there are other books or even a series you can get you teeth into.

Koontz, Dean R.
The other Emily

Coben, Harlan

Cleeves, Ann.
The darkest evening

Harper, Jane
The survivors

Margolin, Phillip.
A matter of life and death

Kellerman, Jonathan.

Child, Lee.
The sentinel

Evanovich, Janet.
The bounty

Rosnay, Tatiana de
Flowers of darkness

Patterson, James
The red book

Box, C. J.
Dark sky

Baldacci, David.
A gambling man

Ware, Ruth.
One by one

Patterson, James
1st case

Lupica, Mike.
Fool's paradise

Koryta, Michael.
Never far away

Kellerman, Faye.
The lost boys

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew.
Prodigal son

Grippando, James