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No offence.

Creator Paul Abbott (Shameless) delivers a police procedural with a difference. Set in a crumbling cop shop on the wrong side of Manchester, the darkly comic series follows a group of tough but big-hearted officers, led by the highly capable but unquestionably unhinged DI Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan). Deering and her crack team often resort to unconventional methods in order to keep these streets clear of pimps, petty thieves—and killers.


When a body is discovered in a derelict building, DCI Cassie Stuart must untangle lies that have been covered up for nearly forty years. With her partner, DI Sunil Sunny Khan they narrow the list to four suspects, each with something to hide. Starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar.


In this darkly comic French crime series wheelchair-bound police captain Fred Caïn is quicker and more mobile than most able-bodied people. In his investigations, he spins circles around suspects and digs deep inside the darkest hidden corners of the human mind. A motorcycle accident caused by speeding and his own use of narcotics has left him unable to walk, but clear-eyed about criminality and motive. In French with subtitles.

Loch Ness.

If you didn’t figure out from the title that “Loch Ness” was going to be one of those what-lies-beneath-the-surface mystery series, the first image you see after the credits certainly leaves no doubt. It’s of a dead man floating vertically deep in murky water, feet bound and tied to a weight that’s keeping him submerged. This atmospheric six-part drama takes full advantage of its title character and all the history and folklore associated with it, but don’t expect a starring role for Nessie. The monsters here are definitely human. Starring Siobhan Finneran and Laura Fraser.

Inspector Winter

Magnus Krepper stars as Inspector Erik Winter in this Scandi-noir series based on author Åke Edwardson's bestselling novels about the dedicated, yet tormented Gothenburg police detective. In Swedish with subtitles.


Marcella (Anna Friel) lies bruised and distraught in a bathtub, her face caked in blood. Why she’s in a such a bad way is unclear, but we do know that, shortly before her soak, she paid a visit to the mistress of her estranged husband. We also know that she hurled said husband, Jason, down the stairs a few weeks ago, that she’s prone to violence. Backland says she couldn’t remember that incident, and you suspect she might not recall this one either, but it stands to reason that something unpleasant has gone down and the finger’s pointing firmly at her. The twist? Marcella is the person who’d usually be investigating this kind of domestic disturbance. A recent returnee to the Metropolitan police’s murder squad in London after a career break, she is both “detective”, “witness” and “suspect”. Very suspect, in fact.

Department Q trilogy

Based on Jussi Adler-Olsen’s bestsellers, the Department Q series introduces maverick detective Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) who, after majorly botching an assignment, is relegated to reviewing cold cases. With his new partner Assad (Fares Fares) and secretary Rose (Johanne Louise Schmidt) the moody Mørck digs into shocking unsolved mysteries including the kidnapping of a high-ranking government official, a brutal prep school murder and a bloody message from two children presumed dead. In Danish with subtitles.

And then there were none

Ten strangers, all with dubious pasts, are lured away from their normal lives to Soldier Island - an isolated rock off southern England. As they wait for their hosts to arrive, the weather turns bad and they end up cut off from civilization. Each is accused of a terrible crime & start to mysteriously die one by one. Who will survive? And who is the killer? This BBC adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie novel features a stellar cast including Charles Dance, Toby Stephens, Miranda Richardson, and Sam Neill.

Partners in crime

Cold War-era espionage squares off with sharp English wit in the BBC remake Partners in Crime. Based on Agatha Christie’s classic characters Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine.


Loosely based on the novels by Ann Cleeves (Vera), Shetland follows DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) and his team as they investigate crime within the close knit island community.

Happy Valley

Set in the not-so-happy valleys of West Yorkshire, this gripping 6-part drama stars Sarah Lancashire as Sergeant Catherine Cawood, and a very menacing James Norton (Grantchester) in a tale of drugs and a kidnapping plot gone very wrong. Written by Sally Wainwright (Scott & Bailey, Last Tango in Halifax).

Arthur & George

Martin Clunes stars as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, in a three-part adaptation of the novel by Julian Barnes. Outraged by injustice to an Anglo-Indian solicitor, the famed author uses the methods of his own fictional detective to get at the truth. Co-starring are Arsher Ali as George Edalji; and Charles Edwards as Alfred Wood, Sir Arthur’s real-life “Dr. Watson.”


Still grieving his wife's suicide, Detective Harry Anglesea returns to Auckland's Major Crime Unit after bereavement leave. Although he's eager to jump back into his job, his self-destructive behavior hints that he may not be ready. His 13-year-old daughter, Mele, is even less ready for life as usual and desperately needs her father's attention. But Harry and his boss, DSS Jim "Stocks" Stockton (Sam Neill), soon become engrossed in a high-profile robbery/murder/drugs case. An excellent, if somewhat gritty and violent "ditictive" drama from New Zealand.


Broadchurch: a town in shock, after the revelation of the identity of Danny Latimer’s killer. Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller find themselves drawn back into the case as it goes to court. Ellie, estranged from family and friends, only has Hardy to turn to. But Hardy is a man still haunted by illness and the case he never could solve--Sandbrook. As the trial proceeds, battle lines are drawn: between legal teams, between the residents of the town, and even between family members. Lives will be thrown under the spotlight, and the deepest secrets laid bare for all to see. As Joe Miller’s trial and the Sandbrook case collide, no-one will emerge unscathed.


Perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on earth. There has never been a violent crime here. Until now.


Sidney Chambers (James Norton) shares his spiritual duties with a love of jazz, and an enthusiasm for amateur sleuthing. When the concern of a parishioner compels him to dig deeper into a grisly suicide, he gets on the nerve of a tired, local detective (Robson Green). Set in an idyllic English village, Grantchester follows two unlikely allies as they solve a series of cases that reveal the dark side of early 1950s England.

Death comes to Pemberley

It's the eve of the Darcys' annual Lady Anne ball at their magnificent Pemberley home. Darcy and Elizabeth are relaxing with their guests after supper when the festivities are brought to an abrupt halt by an unexpected visitor and news of a murder in Pemberley Woods. Based on the novel by P.D. James.

Father Brown.

Don’t be fooled by the slightly crumpled, mild-mannered priest in the picture-perfect Cotswold village of Kembleford. Father Brown’s compassion and understanding help him see into the hearts of people on both sides of the law, and one disapproving look from the village priest has murderers confessing to all of their dastardly deeds. Inspired by the short stories of G.K. Chesterton, this version is set in the 1950s and stars Mark Williams (a.k.a Mr. Weasley) 

DCI Banks.

Stephen Tompkinson and Andrea Lowe star as the tenacious and stubborn chief inspector Alan Banks and the feisty and headstrong detective sergeant Annie Cabbot, based on Peter Robinson’s novels.

Scott and Bailey.

Det. Constable Rachel Bailey is 30, down-to-earth, noisy, argumentative, and single. Her partner, Det. Constable Janet Scott, is 40, a diplomat and a thinker, as well as a wife and mother of two teenage daughters. Both work for Manchester Police's prestigious Murder Investigation Team and, despite the obvious differences between them, they have developed a robust friendship. Each episode sees Rachel and Janet face a serious crime that is both challenging and emotionally difficult, as well as cope with their own very complicated personal lives.

Death in paradise.

A fish-out-of-water story about a quintessential English cop posted to the fictional Caribbean island of Sainte Marie. To anyone else it would be paradise, but for Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller) it’s hell! Totally unsuited to the Caribbean way of life, Richard hates the sun, sea and sand and isn’t used to their style of policing. Filmed in Martinique, this series is perfect viewing for cold winter evenings.

Line of duty. Series 2

Like other police units, AC-12 catches criminals - but the offenders it investigates are fellow officers. When a police convoy is ambushed, leaving three cops dead and a protected witness seriously injured, AC-12 focuses its attention on the one officer who managed to escape the attack unscathed. Superintendent Hastings, DS Arnott  and DC Fleming are back, but watch for Jessica Raine, better known for delivering babies in "Call the Midwife".


Richard Harrington is DCI Tom Mathias, a brilliant, brooding loner newly arrived in this isolated land of mountainous terrain and close-knit villages after 10 years with London's Metropolitan Police. Mali Harries is smart, hard-working DI Rhys,a local girl who knows Aberystwyth society inside out. Together they confront a series of mystifying murders that ultimately push Mathias to the edge.

The escape artist

Will Burton (David Tennant), a talented junior barrister of peerless intellect and winning charm, specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname – The Escape Artist. Much to the aggravation of his courtroom rival, Maggie Gardner (Sophie Okonedo), Will is in high demand, as he has never lost a case. But when Will’s talents acquit Liam Foyle (Toby Kebbell), who is standing trial for an horrific and high-profile murder, that courtroom brilliance comes back to bite him. Foyle walks free, but he is a serial killer and surely it is only a matter of time until he kills again.


When the body of eleven-year-old Danny Latimer is found on the beach in Broadchurch, Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) and her newly-appointed boss, detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant), are called to investigate. As suspicions mount and the mystery deepens, a national spotlight descends upon the small Dorset town, threatening to pull the town, its residents and their secrets apart.

Miss Fisher's murder mysteries.

In 1920's Melbourne, Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman operating in a mostly male world. The The glamorous "lady detective" goes about her work with a pistol close at hand - and, more often than not, a male admirer even closer. To the dismay of Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, Phryne's investigations take her through back alleys, jazz clubs, and shady neighborhoods.

Top of the lake

When pregnant, 12-year-old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for the girl. But when Tui suddenly disappears, Griffin finds herself knee-deep in small-town secrets.

Ripper Street.

Haunted by the failure to catch London’s most evil killer, Jack the Ripper, Inspector Edmund Reid now heads up the notorious H Division – the toughest police district in the East End.

The Fall.

Starring Gillian Anderson, this gripping psychological thriller examines the lives of two hunters: one a serial killer that stalks his victims, the other a tenacious detective brought in to catch him.


Shaun Evans stars as the young Morse in this lively prequel to the long-running series. As he faces down small-time thugs and big-time politicians, Endeavour shows early signs of the idiosyncratic detective's love for crosswords, classical music, real ale and classic cars.

Jack Irish.

Guy Pearce is Jack Irish—former lawyer, part-time PI, full-time alcoholic, brooding antihero—in this suspense-filled Australian television series based on Peter Temple’s award-winning crime novels.


When two police officers stumble across the lair of a serial killer, Inspector Banks finds himself faced with a chilling murder investigation that will test him to the limit. The first in a drama series based on the novels by Peter Robinson.


An interesting twist on the usual BBC mystery series, where modern-day detective DS Chandler and his sidekick DS Miles hunt serial killers in the Whitechapel area of London. The plots are far-fetched, but the detectives are memorable, and the series is suitably dark and atmospheric. Starring Rupert-Penry Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton as an odd-ball "Ripperologist".


Idris Elba (The Wire) stars as Detective John Luther. A self-destructive near-genius, Luther might just be as dangerous as the depraved criminals he hunts. Luther follows his own moral code as much as the rules of criminal law. But he quickly becomes locked in a lethal battle of wits with Alice (Ruth Wilson), a beautiful, highly intelligent mass murderer, and his decision-making process becomes increasingly murky. The strain begins to tell as he's drawn deeper and deeper into a series of horrific murders, and the shadow of a former case threatens to bring him down.