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Newcomers: Improving Pronounciation


Yates, Jean.
Pronounce it perfectly in English

Book and 4 CDs. The book and CDs are coordinated so that you can use them separately or together.

Cameron, Susan
Perfecting your English pronunciation

Contains a book, 2 CDs and a DVD.

Cook, Ann
American accent training

Contains a book and 2CDs

Raifsnider, Barbara.
Easy pronunciation

This book is in "playaway" format. Playaways are special audiobooks that come loaded onto the player. You borrow the book and the player."

Ryan, Diane.
The complete idiot's guide to the American accent

1 audio CD and a book (219 pages)

Dale, Paulette.
English pronunciation program

1 audio CD and a booklet.

Baker, Ann
Pronunciation pairs

Book (192 pages) and 1 audio CD.