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Notable Books for New Adults


Adulthood is HARD and it can sometimes feel like everyone except you knows what they're doing. Luckily some people, namely the authors in this list, know some things that can help you navigate those pivotal years of early adulthood.

Rose, Arden.
Almost adulting

This book is for young adults and self-described “failing adults” who need to be pointed in the right direction with the right advice. Learn everything from how to genuinely make online friends (and not meet murderers), how to flirt, how to properly communicate in a relationship, staying healthy and not eating microwaved mug brownies for every meal, creating a versatile wardrobe on a budget, how to travel alone, and so much more!

Angone, Paul
101 questions you need to ask in your twenties

How do you know you’re ready to get married? Where is the job market headed? What does ‘success’ look like today? How does one make the jump from ‘networking’ to ‘dating’? How do you make difficult decisions? These are all questions that author, speaker, and blogger Paul Angone has spent 12 years finding the answers to – the answers which he’s now recorded in this handy book for twentysomethings to benefit from.

Forleo, Marie.
Everything is figureoutable

Being able to figure things out requires a certain mindset – one that this book promises to help your brain achieve. Author Marie Forleo will walk you through how to overcome a lack of time and money, how to deal with criticism, how to determine the difference between fear and intuition, how to more likely achieve your goals, and so much more.

*also available as a Libby/Overdrive ebook

Brown, Robert R.
Wealthing like rabbits

How can a book about sex, zombies, and Star Trek help you learn the basics of financial planning in a world where household debt is skyrocketing? You’ll just have to find out with this humorous and anecdotal book that sheds light on the often-mismanaged areas of personal finance.

Hallam, Andrew
Millionaire teacher

Author Andrew Hallam made the jump from high school English teacher to debt-free millionaire by following the financial fundamentals outlined in this book. He’ll walk you through the financial basics and let you know exactly what you should be focusing your energy on and what isn’t worth a second glance.

*also available as a Hoopla audiobook

Hamblin, James.

Skincare is such a polarizing topic with lots of debate between difference facets of experts. This book interviews all aspects of ‘skin care experts’ from bar-soap enthusiasts to allergists to venture capitalists and everything in between – so we get a wide spectrum of opinions on skincare and personal hygiene. As a certified public health physician, author James Hamblin puts skin care advice to the test as he takes readers through some his personal experiences with there skin care methods.

*also available as a Libby/Overdrive ebook

Bittman, Mark.
How to cook everything

New cooks and picky eaters rejoice, because this cookbook is full of minimalist, easy-to-follow recipes that leave room for you to put your own twist on them with any number of variations.

Tasty adulting

Targeted towards Millennials and Gen Z-ers, this Buzzfeed cookbook walks you though all of those easy-to-make foundational and trendsetting recipes that will help you find your cooking groove amid the struggles of domestic life.

Molly Maid cleaning handbook

Yes, cleaning is a chore, but it won’t feel so much like one anymore with this book of effective cleaning techniques, quick tips, and simple methods with easy-to-follow instructions to help you achieve a spotless home.

The complete photo guide to homeowner basics

Calling new homeowners! This book has everything you need to help you tackle DIY repairs, remodels, individual projects, and installations.

Reid, Sarah
The solo travel handbook

If you’re going to travel solo – you’d better know what you’re doing! Luckily, this book promises to help boost your confidence, teach you how to decide where to go, how to create an itinerary, how to set a budget and stick to it, what good luggage looks like, and how to meet people while staying safe. Included is also a ranked list of some of the best destinations for you.

Calin, Cassandra
I left the house today!

This hilarious and relatable collection of short, lighthearted comics captures the daily struggles, musings, and happenstances of a young woman’s life. Poking fun at clothing, work burnout, and even just leaving the house, women in their 20s and 30s will easily see their own lives mirrored in this little book.

Kling, Marc-Uwe.

Welcome to Qualityland, the most quality country on Earth. Want to get married? The algorithm with match you with an appropriate partner and schedule the ceremony based on your income and availability. Hungry? The algorithm monitoring your body will have food delivered to your door immediately. But with a presidential election around the corner, the dangers of living in an automated, algorithm-based society are more apparent than ever before.

Gyasi, Yaa.

Homegoing is a harrowing, inter-generational story spanning from 18th century Africa, all the way through to modern day America. It all begins with two half sisters, Effia and Esi: one is married off to an English colonist to live the lavish life and the other is imprisoned in the slave trade. Readers follow the raw, emotional journeys of the future generations of these women throughout the years.

*also available in large print, Libby/Overdrive audiobook, and Libby/Overdrive ebook

Benjamin, Chloe.
The immortalists

Four youths encounter a mysterious woman who tells them the date of their inevitable deaths. These prophecies weigh heavy on the minds of Simon, Klara, Daniel, and Varya throughout the next five decades of their very different lives. This book examines that fine line between destiny and choice, reality and illusion, and science and immortality.

*also available as book on CD, Libby/Overdrive ebook, and Libby/Overdrive audiobook

Smith, Zadie.
Swing time

Two brown girls who dream of becoming dancers find their friendship abruptly screeching to an end in early adulthood. This moving and funny story of friendship, pop culture, social classes, and race relations spans from London, England to West Africa, taking readers on a thought-provoking journey.

*also available in large print, book on CD, and Libby/Overdrive ebook

Rowley, Steven
Lily and the octopus

A story of loving fiercely, letting go, and fighting for the ones we love most, this is a story of that special someone you can’t live without. For Ted Flask, that someone is his elderly dog, Lilly.

*also available as a book on CD, Libby/Overdrive ebook, and Libby/Overdrive audiobook