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Science Fiction & Fantasy


Here be dragons -- and vampires, dystopias, space warfare and magic. There is something for every sci fi or fantasy fan.

Roberts, Nora.
The rise of magicks

Morgenstern, Erin.
The starless sea

Wilson, Daniel H.
The andromeda evolution

Jordan, Robert
Warrior of the Altaii

Delaney, JP.
The perfect wife

Atwood, Margaret
The testaments

Zahn, Timothy.

Martin, George R. R.
Fire & blood

Roberts, Nora.
Of blood and bone

Staveley, Brian.
The providence of fire

Roberts, Nora.
Year one

Zahn, Timothy.

Patterson, James
Humans, bow down

Wendig, Chuck.
Empire's end

Freed, Alexander.
Rogue One

Crouch, Blake.
Dark matter

Wendig, Chuck.
Life debt

Cronin, Justin.
The city of mirrors

Clare, Cassandra.
Lady midnight

Foster, Alan Dean
The force awakens

Martin, George R. R.
A knight of the seven kingdoms