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"Spin, Twirl, Twist" Reading List Part 2


The exhibition "Spin, Twirl, Twist," at Idea Exchange, Preston from September 7 to November 21, 2021, features works by Margaret Ballantyne, Mylène Boisvert, Marianne Burlew, Lyn Carter, Susan Warner Keene, Sylvia Kind, Barbara Todd, and Mindy Yan Miller. These works have been selected from Cambridge Art Galleries’ permanent collection of contemporary Canadian fibre art.

In Greek mythology, the three sisters—collectively known as the Fates— spin, twirl and twist the threads of our destinies. While our destinies may not actually be tied to a thread, fibres and textiles are found everywhere.

The works in this exhibition offer a reflection on the impact and influence of textiles on our lives. Like the Fates, each artist has spun, twirled, and twisted their own stories exploring textiles in relation to the human condition, relationships, identity, the familiar, and the hidden.

Read on for books you can borrow from Idea Exchange that explore the warp and weft of myth, destiny, and entwined human experience.

Ready for more?

This exhibition includes the maquette (a small, preparatory model for a larger sculpture) for Mindy Yan Miller’s Cambridge Clothing Index (Closet Stories). Visit our Clemens Mill location to view the larger sculpture.

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Saint, Jennifer.

Babalola, Bolu.
Love in color

Alpert, Mark
The Furies

Michaelides, Alex
The Maidens

Russo, Richard
The destiny thief

Mitrani, Carla.
Crochet iconic women

Fonseca, Carlos
Natural history

Fry, Stephen

Fry, Stephen

Gornichec, Genevieve.
The witch's heart

Gaiman, Neil.
Norse mythology