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Jewell, Lisa.
The family upstairs

Moyes, Jojo
The giver of stars

Fisher, Tarryn.
The wives

Strout, Elizabeth.
Olive, again

Farrow, Ronan
Catch and kill

Gladwell, Malcolm
Talking to strangers

John, Elton.

Patchett, Ann.
The Dutch house

Connelly, Michael
The night fire

Morgenstern, Erin.
The starless sea

Child, Lee.
Blue moon

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Crummey, Michael.
The innocents

Evaristo, Bernardine
Girl, woman, other

Grisham, John.
The guardians

Telgemeier, Raina.

Thistle, Jesse.
From the ashes

Carr, Robyn.
The country guesthouse

Connelly, Michael
The night fire

Moore, Demi.
Inside out