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Owens, Delia.
Where the crawdads sing

Atwood, Margaret
The testaments

Penny, Louise.
A better man

Gilbert, Elizabeth
City of girls

Gladwell, Malcolm
Talking to strangers

Ware, Ruth.
The turn of the key

Harmel, Kristin.
The winemaker's wife

Donoghue, Emma

Weiner, Jennifer.
Mrs. Everything

Macmillan, Gilly.
The nanny

Barclay, Linwood.
Elevator pitch

Robotham, Mandy.
The German midwife

King, Stephen
The institute

Lapeña, Shari
Someone we know

Miranda, Megan.
The last house guest

Rooney, Sally.
Normal people

Holmes, Linda
Evvie Drake starts over

Robb, J. D.
Vendetta in death

Steel, Danielle.
The dark side

Telgemeier, Raina.