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Phil, Queen's Square | January 5, 2018

Being well read used to be a badge of honour, an acknowledgement of an intent to read widely, understand issues and to think deeply about the world in which we live.

Sometimes it feels as if any form of intellect is disregarded. All that is necessary is the passion of conviction and anything that doesn’t fit your world view isn’t worth discussing. Bully pulpits rule the day.

Well, here’s an idea. How about we (you and I) make a concerted effort this year to read widely. From the 100’s to the 900’s, fiction and everything in between, the full breadth of the library. Each month this year I will discuss a wild range of books, articles and even movies that flow from the review of new releases. I’ll try to create a reading list that is both wide and thoughtful. Your job is to join me in reading widely. Together I’ll suggest books we can read through, and you can suggest books that will add to the dialogue.

Well let’s start reading. Here’s what I’m reading now: Ghost Orchard by Helen Humphries (A history of apples in North America); Spineless by Juli Berwald (Everything you could possibly want to know about jellyfish); The Reckoning by Nathan Greenfield (the stories of WWI Canadian prisoners of war); Saboteur (about French war hero Robert de La Rochefoucauld); and All the Beloved Ghosts (a collection of short stories from Alison MacLeod).

The Ghost OrchardSpinelessThe ReckoningThe SaboteurAll the Beloved Ghosts

Each month I’ll report back on the hits and misses, and pick a new crop of the most thoughtful interesting reads in all genres and subjects.

Up for a year of reading well and being well read? Let’s get started!