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Being Well Read: April Picks


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Phil, Queen's Square | April 2, 2018

In January, I made the bold suggestion that together we could become better read. To that end, I suggested titles to read each month, with the intent to help understand issues and to think deeply about the world in which we live.

In March I read and reviewed:

In all three cases, I was left with the feeling that I’ve read three of the best books I have read or will read this year. So that makes April a little tougher, in that my next selection of books will have a high bar to meet.

So what’s up for April?  This month I’ll be reading How to Fix the Future by Andrew Keen; Hacking the American Mind by Robert Lustig; World Without Mind by Franklin Foer; Spinning Magnet by Alanna Mitchell; and Anesthesia by Kate Cole-Adams.

How to Fix the Future The Hacking of the American Mind World WIthout Mind The Spinning MagnetAnesthesia