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Bitter Bloodshed: Nordic Noir


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Cate, Clemens Mill | February 3, 2020

Iceland and Scandanavia have many influential crime writers:  Ragnur Jonasson, Camilla Lackberg, Ysra Sigurdardottir, Jo Nesbo. Dark, snowy atmospheres; gruesome murders, choice detectives - some of which have happy lives. You’ll be flipping pages into the cold, dark, dead of night!

Camilla Lackberg writes about contrasts –macabre murders alongside happy family lives: one of those happy lives includes Lackberg’s detective Patrick Hedstrom.  The Fjallbacka series includes The Ice Princess, The Stone Cutter, Gallows Bird and most recently The Girl in the Woods.

Ysra Sigurdardottir is from Iceland-her gritty crime fiction titles include: The Reckoning, The Undesired, and Why did you Lie?

Ragnar Jonasson is my absolute favourite author;  his novels have a claustrophobic feel with snowy mountains surrounding the mysterious characters.  Just look at his titles:  Snow Blind, Blackout, The Island. All of Jonasson’s novels take place in a remote chilly corner of Iceland.

If you need a break from reading, try watching the Swedish dvd Spring Tide or Springfloden.  A harrowing murder took place years ago on Nordkoster Island, and an eager Police student is the driving force behind solving the crime.

Book cover of The ice princess by Camilla Lackberg Book cover of The Reckoning by Yrsa Sigurdardottir Book cover of The Island by Ragnar Jonasson DVD image of Spring tide, a Swedish television series



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You've convinced me! I am going to pick out a couple of your fav's and give them a try. thanks for your review :)